New land bill widens infra ambit; ports, education etc in

7 Sep

The new Land Acquisition Bill has made some provision to accommodate India Inc. It has also broadened its definition of infrastructure projects, reports CNBC-TV18’s Mehak Kasbekar, quoting sources.

The new infrastructure definition will include airports, ports, rail systems of mining activities, education, sports, healthcare, tourism, transportation, space programme and more importantly low-cost housing. ( HERE is what the industry wanted)

Up until now housing was a big subject that was left out from this bill, which has now been included. This means that the clause of 80% of mandatory nod from project-affected people will not apply to all these categories, which come under the infrastructure project. Initially it was just linear projects like railways and transmission line, but a whole herd of new things have also been included in it.

Housing was something that the industry wanted a mention in the bill and of course they have got. But it has to be at a government-approved price. So we are essentially looking at the government low-cost housing or maybe even PPP project, but the government definitely has to be involved in this low-cost housing.

There is also now a provision of a three-year jail sentence for anybody who violates the provisions of this bill. And of course to accommodate industry they have lifted or relaxed the ban on multi-crop land, so 10% of multi-crop land now can be acquired by the industry.


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