Orissa: Both Communities sorted out communal dissension over Ganesh Puja in Jagatsinghpur

7 Sep

The alleged communal discord between Hindus and Muslims over Ganesh Puja celebration in Berhampur village eight km away from here sorted out on Tuesday following prompt action by police and efforts from people from both communities agreed for an amicable solution and assured to maintain harmony.

Reports said that after the incident surfaced police had taken prompt action and asked both communities to settle the matter amicable and village Sarpanch had entrusted to take the initiative.

Acting on the instruction Sarpanch had proposed to conduct the meeting in Panchyata office but apprehending any untoward incident the meeting venue had shifted to the Jagatsinghpur police station on Tuesday , where in presence of senior cops, gentlemen from both communities including the victim school headmaster the entire matter was discussed at length, considering pleas and defensive in the incident from both communities the meeting endorsed two resolutions as to know the statutory order from education department holding Ganesh Puja where majority Muslim students are studying and power of the village education committee [ VEC] restricting  Ganesh Puja in school. In this regard the VEC has authorized to make consultations with education department to know the queries. However both communities expressed remorse over the incident and Hindu women those had assaulted school headmaster extended repentance and both communities assured in the meeting to maintain peace and tranquility in villages, informed R N Jena, DSP, Jagatsinghpur.

Notable to inform a communal discord had erupted in Berhampur Urdu primary school following observance of Ganesh Puja in school as the Muslim guardians including VEC had objected conducting Puja in school where majority Muslim students, defying their resistance Hindu guardians observed the Puja in school but school headmaster who is a Muslim did not cooperate them the displeased Hindu guardians on Saturday manhandled him as consequence communal tension was sparked and police had taken immediate measures and controlled the tension.


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