Volkswagen commences apprenticeship programme

9 Sep

Volkswagen Group has introduced a mechatronics apprenticeship programme at Pune in India. The mechatronics programme provides the apprentices the key competencies which are necessary to adapt to the fast changing industrial requirements. The three year programme is based on the German Dual System of vocational education and training.

Total 16 students including four girls have been selected for this programme. The company will train 16 students each for the next three years and later increase the students’ number.


It has received over 500 applications for this programme. This programme will provide employability in the areas of production, maintenance, planning, quality assurance and research & development to these students.


Speaking on the occasion, John Chacko, president and managing director, Volkswagen India said, “The automobile industry in India has seen a very strong growth in the past few years. The need of the hour is to have industry ready people to take care of the challenges raised by this steady growth.

The three year Mechatronics Apprenticeship Programme by Volkswagen Group India is a step in this direction by developing mechanical, electronic and informatics skills of the workforce in the ever growing automobile industry.”

The three year Volkswagen mechatronics apprenticeship programme has been designed keeping in mind the increasing complexity of production processes which demands a workforce that has expertise in mechanical, electronic and informatics skills as well as in other modern automation technologies.

Ralf Mayer, head of apprenticeship and technical training, Volkswagen India Private Limited explained, “The Volkswagen Academy at Volkswagen India Private Limited is accredited as BTC & RI (Basic Training Centre and Related Instructions) by the Indian vocational training institutions. The syllabus of the programme has been divided into three parts beginning with the basic skills training at the Volkswagen Training Academy to the project work which includes an insight into the manufacturing and production processes.”

According to Mayer, these students will get a stipend of Rs 3000 for first year, Rs 4000 for second year and Rs 5000 for the third year. The Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) produces 1.6 lakh mechanics and 80, 000 apprentices every year, but still there is a shortage of skilled workers.


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