Change of boards is just about mindset

10 Sep

CHANDIGARH: Arshbeer Singh, a Class X student of a private school, is all set to join a Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliated school after giving his board examination from Indian Certificate for Secondary Education (ICSE). He said, “All my cousins who have studied from ICSE and then CBSE have scored well in their engineering entrance exam. So I will follow the same.”

Not only Arshbir, but this is what most of the students do in India – shift from ICSE board to CBSE with a mindset that CBSE prepares them better for entrance exams. We need flexibility and change of mindset.

Sharing his views on this mindset, Gerry Arathoon, additional secretary and officiating chief executive and secretary of council for ICSE, who was in the city for the third annual conference of association of schools for Indian school certificate, said, “There is a reason behind this mindset. CBSE conducts entrance examinations therefore people think that CBSE is the one that prepares the questionnaires of these papers, which is not true. In fact, at present, in one of the best IIT, maximum number of students are from ICSE.”
When asked what is ISCE doing to break this mindset, Gerry said, “Maybe, we need to start conducting such exams. We had started to conduct an entrance exam in Dehradun, but later discontinued it. Moreover, Council of Boards for Secondary Education (COBSE) has approved the proposal for uniform syllabus for Science and Commerce in class XI and XII. This has been done to get all the boards under COBSE, giving similar platform and equal opportunity to all the students. This will help in breaking the mindset.”

Comparing ICSE to CBSE, he said, “They have started Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) now, whereas we have been using it for a long time. The only difference is that CBSE has introduced it in detail with a different system of assessment. We already provide a number of subject options to students in Class X. For example, they have an option to drop Mathematics if they wish.”


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