19 Sep

Legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, has said that there must be equal rights for both the genders in a civilised society and the girls should also have access to basic education, even in the rural areas of India.

The Little Master has started a campaign called ‘Support My School’, in order to enhance the level of education in the rural and the deprived areas of India.

Sachin, who is considered as one of the best batsmen in the history of the game and the best in modern day cricket, said that it is very disappointing to see that majority of the girls in the rural areas do not go to school but he is geared up about the campaign and said that it is his dream to see every child getting proper education in the country.

The Batting Maestro said, “It’s a reality, but is also disappointing to see that girls don’t get to school in rural areas because of lack of facilities. It’s a campaign that’s close to my heart because we all know how important it is to support education and provide a proper platform to the girl child.”

Tendulkar missed out on the limited overs series against England because of a foot injury, but he is expected to regain full fitness by the time the English team arrives in India for the limited overs series next month.

He has 99 hundreds in International cricket at the moment and cricket fans all around the world are hoping that he can get his 100th century as soon as possible because he has been a great ambassador for the game of cricket over the years.

He believes that there is some discrimination between the two genders in the sub-continent as most of the people think that education is important only for boys, but the great cricketer feels that it is equally important for every human being.

“I don’t think in a civilised society there can be a distinction between a girl and a boy. Girls need as much care and love as a boy when they are growing up. Education is not only important, it is a basic necessity for every individual,” Sachin added.

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