Engineering Education needs to be reformed to create better employment

21 Sep
Kolkata, Sept. 20 ; To create better employability  for engineers, experts have emphasized on reforms in engineering education at the 6th National Convention of the Engineering Council of India (ECI) here.
 Speaking at the convention organized  at Jadavpur University on Monday, S. Ratnavel, Member of Governors of ECI, said that holistic approach of education is the present need to ensure employability for engineers.
He said  holistic education means along with industrial education basic senses and social senses should be imparted to the students to create complete persons.
According to a study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute on the emerging labour market, India produces large number of engineering graduate every year but multinationals find just 25 percent of them as employable.
It means that a new pattern of education system is necessary to attract foreign students for education in India.
Ratnavel also stressed on the the quality of faculty for offering integrated education.
He also said that the government should develop hitech information system for communication between theUniversities and colleges to impart equal education to everyone without any discrimination.
Along with this, the examination system should also change.
Prof. D.K. Banwet, IIT Delhi, said,”Multiskilling, multitasking education should be introduced rather than disciplined education. We need to move out from present engineering domain-specific engineering educationto multidisciplinary engineering education.”
He said that “teachers should reinforce education that will combine practical education with theory”.
Industries have to  work parallely with educational institutions, so that students can be trained according to market needs, he said.
Prof. Swapan Bhattacharya, Jadavpur University proposed that industries should organize workshop in universities so that students can get better idea about the industrial need.
Ratnavel also slammed the role of coaching institutes on denigration of education system.
He said coaching classes totally spoiled the education system and quality of education is ruined.

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