MIC appeals India for more seats in premier institutions

22 Sep
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s largest ethnic Indian party MIC requested the Indian government to allocate more seats for its diaspora in the country’s premier educational institutions.

“Earlier during the times of Indira Gandhi and MGR many seats were set aside for Malaysian Indians in IITs and medical colleges but now these had been reduced to a few,” Malaysian Indian Congress chief G Palanivel told a group of visiting Indian journalists.

Noting that Malaysia has close to 2 million ethnic Indians, forming 7.8 per cent of the population, he said “India has to support its diaspora in the field of education namely seats in AIIMS, IITs and engineering schools.”

India should also make provisions for an international scholarship system, Palanivel said.

On infrastructure projects, he said India should have a mechanism to ensure that Malaysian companies could win bids for the projects directly.

“The MIC wants a per cent set aside for infrastructure bids by the Indian diaspora from Malaysia,” he said.

He said every time Malaysia asked for seats or infrastructure bids, they were told to invest in India.

“They ask us to invest in India, India is richer,” said Palanivel, who took over the helm of the MIC from Samy Vellu who was at the top for 31 years.

On Pravasi Bharatiya meetings, Palanivel, said such meetings did not yield much results as at every meet there was a new theme which was forgotten the next year.

“Pravasi is just a big circus,” he quipped.


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