Education can change the lives of women

23 Sep

ALLAHABAD: A seminar on ‘Women and property rights in India’ was held at the Centre for Women’s Studies, Hamidia Girls’ Degree College on Thursday.

Chief guest Divya Mishra, chairperson, UP State Social Welfare Board, said only education can change the life of women. She told the students they will realise the importance of education after passing out from the college. She urged the students to remain about their rights. Mishra also told them about a workshop to be held by UP State Social Welfare Board, Lucknow, on ‘Girl foeticide and domestic violence’.

Praising the Muslim girls for come out of their homes for education, she said, “Opportunity comes to those who try for it”.

Guest of honour Justice Arun Tandon of Allahabad High Court said, “After independence all laws and Acts have tried to bring women equal to men which means earlier the laws were discriminatory. What is required is to recognise women equal to men.” He said education changes the ideas, it broadens the mind and changes the life, which in turn will bring change in country. He also pointed out the quality of women as being compassionate and cited the example of Mother Teresa. He highlighted the fact that without education no property no right is meaningful.

Prof LR Singh gave a detailed account of property rights of women in the Hindu and Muslim Personal Law. He cited various references of Acts such as 172, 118, 122 related to property right, constitutional right, intellectual property right, right to disperse of property, laws related to transfer of property, exchange, contract of gift laws passed by UP Legislature, right to property as fundamental right. He also gave references of various cases such as Suraj Kumar case, Shah Bano case.

Earlier, principal Rehana Tariq welcomed the guests. She highlighted the fact that students coming from the marginaliszed community have risen to top on the basis of education.



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