Ruling BJD youth wing chief faults centre’s apathy towards Orissa

27 Sep

Bhubaneswar: In Indian Federalism  though the Central Govt. has a major responsibility in bridging regional imbalances by facilitating the  development of backward states like Odisha, the Central Govt. has turned a blind eye towards Odisha.

Though more than 20 districts of Odisha have been affected by devastating floods , it is agonizing  that the Central Govt. has not shown sufficient political will and pro-activeness in cooperating the state in dealing with the situation, said Mr. Sanjay Das Burma, Odisha MLA  and President of Biju Yuva Janata Dal (BYJD) at 1ST  ODISHA DEVELOPMENT NATIONAL SEMINAR ( Topic : IS CENTRAL GOVT. NEGLECTING ODISHA ?) at Delhi on 25.09.11 organized by YUVA ODISHA. Mr. Das Burma said that Odisha will not tolerate the frequent Central apathy any more.

Due to the unilateral and biased decision and subsequent Gazette Notification by Govt. of India to expand the limits of the Kolkata Port Trust, about seven ports of Odisha including Dhamra Port would be affected. “ Though East Coast Railways contributes highest revenue to Indian Railways, the progress of Railway projects  in Odisha , particularly those connecting backward regions of the state has been very sluggish and disappointing.  Similarly due to non-revision of royalty on Coal and Minerals, mineral rich Odisha has been losing huge revenues” said Youth BJD President Mr. Das Burma.

The other Guest  Rajya Sabha MP Shri Sashi Bhushan Behera alleged that the Central Govt. has always shown step motherly attitude towards Odisha in economical, social and political spheres. “ It is unfortunate that there is no representation in the Union Cabinet. Though Central Govt. made a Budgetary provision of Rs 1000 crore for the natural disaster ‘Aila’ in West Bengal, Central Govt. is hesitant over releasing funds to Odisha during Floods and Droughts occurring every year. Central Govt. is neglecting Odisha in the crucial areas like Railways and backward region development” said Rajya Sbha MP Mr. Behera.

The other Speaker, Head of the Dept. of Political Science, Jamia Milia Islamia University and distinguished Odia academician Prof. M. Badrul Alam highlighting the issue of Central apathy towards Odisha  in Higher Education sector, said that Universities in Odisha are getting only 20% of the funds they demand from UGC.  Prof. Alam  favoured developing the existing Univesities such as  Utkal University, Sambalpur University, Berhampur University and Ravenshaw University  into Central Universities by upgrading the infrastructures with the help of increased Central assistance. Prof. Alam questioned why National Tribal University was not established in Odisha ?

Eminent Lawyer, Journalist and Founder of Build India Group Shri Biraja Mahapatra highlighting the Central neglect to Odisha said that Odisha has always been a victim of Central apathy as far as Railways is concerned. He also emphasized on the need of concerted effort of all stakeholders in defending the interest of Odisha and gave a call to the elected representatives of Odisha to display courage and adopt a more aggressive stance in exposing the Central apathy.

YUVA ODISHA President Tejeswar Parida, who presided the 1st Odisha Development National Seminar appealed all Odias staying in and outside Odisha particularly the youths to raise their voice against Central Govt.’s discrimination and apathy  towards Odisha. YUVA ODISHA will carry forward this struggle against any form of discriminatory treatment towards Odisha by Central Govt.  . He emphasized on the issues of  Centre’s apparent failure in releasing funds during the recent devastating flood, issue of Kolkata Port Trust Expansion, non-revision of royalty on coal and minerals, neglect in Railways and non establishment of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and National Tribal University in Odisha and the issue of no representation of Odisha in Union Cabinet.

1st Odisha Development National Seminar  on the topic “ Is Central Govt. neglecting Odisha?” at Delhi was organised by  YUVA ODISHA team led by President, Tejeswar Parida , Secretary Rajanikata Dash, Coordinator Manoj Nayak , Co-Coordinators Satyabrata Mallick and Sadhwi Sindura .


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