Indus Foundation 3rd Indo-Global Education Summit 2011 is Back – Bigger & Better

28 Sep

New Delhi: Indus Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation for the promotion of higher education in India, today announced the schedule of its third Indo-Global Educational Summit 2011 in November.

Te be held in New Delhi (Nov.4-5), Bangalore (Nov. 8-9) and Mumbai (Nov. 11-12), the summit will see participation of top 200 foreign universities and over 1,000 Indian universities, and will explore opportunities for academic collaborations among foreign universities and Indian institutions.

A one-of-its-kind educational event in India, Indo-Global Educational Summit will also provide guidance to students for higher studies in India and abroad.

S B Anumolu, President, Indus Foundation, is excited about the summit, especially after the overwhelming response that earlier editions of the summit got from the Indian and foreign institutions.

“The Indo-Global Education Summit has come at a crucial time as most of the Indian institutions are interested in collaborations with reputable foreign universities. Motto of the Foundation is educational excellence without borders, and this summit is a significant step in that direction,” said Mr Anumolu.

Especially designed for educational entrepreneurs, vice-chancellors, presidents, provosts, deans, enrolment officers, and their executive-level team members, the summit will have sessions on collaborative research, joint undergraduate and graduate programmes, twinning & transfer programmes, distance education and faculty & student exchange programs, study abroad in India programs, vocational education programs, and other academic partnerships.

The major fields covered would be Engineering & IT, Business & Management, Life Sciences & Biomedicine, Natural Sciences, Arts & Humanities, and Social Sciences. There will be one-on-one meetings between representatives of Indian institutions / organizations and those of foreign universities for forging academic collaborations.

An important feature of the Summit would be presentation of awards to Indian and foreign institutions in recognition of their educational excellence in the fields of arts, commerce, science, law, engineering, medicine, etc.

The Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Human Resource Development of India has enunciated “International Cooperation in the field of Education” as one of its objectives.

In consonance with this lofty ideal, the Indus Foundation organized Indo-American Education Summit in 2009 and Indo-Global Education Summit in 2010.

Indian educational system has been undergoing a paradigm shift in the recent past. India has the world’s third largest post-secondary student population of around 14 million. It is expected that this number will double over the next 10 years. Further, the Indian economy is transforming into an international powerhouse requiring India to provide the best possible educational opportunities for its citizens. India is keen to improve the quality of its own higher education with the help of reputable foreign universities. Government of India is playing an active role in this process.

Apart from representatives of foreign universities, diplomatic officials of foreign countries based in India, and Indian diplomatic officials based in foreign countries will participate in panel discussions on Indo-Global Collaborations with particular reference to their countries. The discussions will cover the entire gamut of academic collaborations in the field of higher education.

Highlights of Summit 2011:
* Biggest networking event for leaders in education from around the World
* Convergence of who is who of the huge Indian educational system
* Participation by an estimated 200 Top Universities from around the World
* Participation by an estimated 1000 Indian educational institutions
* Major Sessions on academic collaborations in several academic disciplines
* Guidance sessions involving one-on-one meetings with Indian students
* Attendance of an estimated 15000 students interested in higher education
* Extensive media coverage for the Summit during and after the event
* Awards for educational excellence to out-standing institutions World-wide


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