NComputing aims to sell 2.5 lakh units

28 Sep

US-based provider of low-cost shared computing technology, NComputing Inc, is aiming at selling 250,000 units in India by the end of next financial year, according to Manish Sharma, vice-president (Asia-Pacific).

“India is emerging as the fastest-growing market for us, selling close to 500,000 units since the last three years. We have been witnessing an over 150 per cent growth year-on-year and foresee the same happening in the coming years,” Sharma said here on Tuesday.


NComputing’s software creates virtual independent desktops inside a Windows or Linux PC, enabling up to 30 simultaneous users to run their own applications for Rs 4,000 per seat. So far, the company had sold 3 million units globally.


With the deployment of the company’s devices, resulting in reduction of on-going maintenance and support to 75 per cent than traditional PCs and achieving up to 90 per cent energy savings, Sharma said, the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sector in the country was also increasingly looking at such deployments.

“Our focus is primarily education and SMEs,” he said, adding that 60 per cent deployments in India were in the education sector, 30 per cent in SMEs and the remaining in large organisations.

Having deployed 50,000 virtual desktops in 5,000 schools in Andhra Pradesh, to benefit 1.8 million children, and for state education ministries of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, Sharma said the company had given proof of concepts (PoCs) to other states, 80 per cent of which were evaluating their technology.

Riding on the back of its success in India, NComputing is in the process of shifting some of its functions like marketing, project management and logistics coordination from Asia-Pacific (Singapore and Korea centres) to Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai.

“We have just started moving those functions to India, and should be able to establish all those processes here within a year,” Sharma said, while not ruling out the possibility of setting up a manufacturing facility in India.


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