Next Education launches India’s first ever ‘After School Learning Centre

28 Sep

Next Education, India’s fastest growing e-learning enterprise offering creative ICT solutions, launched Next Learning Centre (NLC); India’s first ever ‘After School Learning Centre’ in Hyderabad today.

The company currently has two NLCs in Hyderabad and one in Kochi. Next Education plans to launch 100 owned centers and 500 centres on the franchisee model across 20 cities including Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. The main objective for Next Learning Centre is to create a more effective personalized classroom and bring back the joy of ‘After school learning’.

The learning centre will conduct two main programmes namely – MiClass: customised and most innovative after school learning program for students and iTeach: revolutionized technology tool for 21st century educator.

At the inauguration, Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO, Next Education, said, “The channels through which a child receives education are – schools, home tuitions, coaching centres and parents. However, they all have limitations. In the 21st century, pure academic excellence is not enough to enable students to reach the pinnacle of success. At NLC, we will focus on all aspects of a student’s development and every student will have a personal computer along with a teacher. The teacher will facilitate learning through traditional methods as well as digital tools based on what is more suited to the content as well as to the child’s style of learning.”

Vijay Rajan, Director, Next Learning Centre said, “More and more schools are revolutionizing their teaching methodologies using technology as a tool to learn, and to enhance the learner’s understanding and retention. We intend to focus on all aspects of a student’s development; therefore, we have integrated the ‘Finishing School’ as a weekly offering which will help to develop the personality traits of the students. At NLC we customize teaching methodologies based on the objectives of learning: Remember-Understand-Apply-Analysis-Evaluate-Create. I am confident that this will help build a strong academic performance and development of the next generation skills early on in life.”

Next Learning Centre has the state-of-the art facilities to experiment, research and explore content.


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