Wheel of Change

28 Sep

Hyderabad: The Indian School of Business (ISB) recently announced that Ajit Rangnekar, dean, ISB was appointed as member of the Board of Directors of The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), an association of top graduate business schools around the world. The ISB dean is the only representative from India invited to join this influential group comprising deans of leading B-schools.

Along with the ISB dean, GMAC also announced the appointment of Xiongwen Lu, dean of the School of Management at Fudan University in Shanghai and founding director of the Chinese Market Research Center and Christine Poon, dean and John C Berry chair in Business at the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University as the other directors.

The appointment of dean Rangnekar coincides with the completion of ten successful years of the ISB. It reinforces the recognition of ISB’s demonstrated record of growth and accomplishment since its inception in 2001. As the pioneer of several global best practices in India, ISB has rapidly risen to emerge as not only one of India’s finest B-schools, but also become the youngest institution to be ranked among the top 20 B-schools in the world. ISB’s inclusion on the global board of GMAC reflects India’s ascent as one of the key stakeholders on the future radar of global management education.

Speaking about his role in the council, Ajit Rangnekar, dean, ISB, said, “I am honoured to be chosen as a member of the Graduate Management Admission Council. GMAC has today established itself as a leading entity for prospective management students and B-schools, owing to its universal appeal, standardised format and greater transparency. As a member of the board, we aim to widen GMAC’s ambit by extending its affiliation to other leading B-schools.”


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