Orissa Government to set new standards in anti-ragging measures

15 Oct

Government to set new standards in anti-ragging measures said Governor MC Bhandare here on Friday. Presiding over the first State-level Anti-Ragging Committee meeting at the Raj Bhawan here on Friday, Bhandare was happy to note that ragging in campuses had drastically come down due to implementation of stringent measures.

He said only two cases reported during the last three years. Bhandare said anti-ragging committees have been formed at university, college and hostel levels and will be put in place wherever they are not. He advised vice-chancellors to hold regular counselling sessions for the students to spread awareness against ragging. He said the new standards will soon help have ragging-free campuses

Industries Minister Raghunath Mohanty, Agriculture Minister Pradip Maharathi, Chief Secretary Bijay Patnaik, chancellor’s secretary Parag Gupta, Principal Secretary of Culture Ashok Tripathy, Higher Education Secretary CS Kumar, Health Secretary Anu Garg, all vice-chancellors and other senior officials also participated in the discussion.


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