3rd Indo-Global Summit 2011 to be held in November

19 Oct

The Indus Foundation, a not-for-profit organization for the promotion of higher education in India, announced the list of universities visiting India in 3rd Indo-Global Summit 2011, which would be held in November in New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Te be held in New Delhi (Nov.4-5), Bangalore (Nov. 8-9) and Mumbai (Nov. 11-12), the summit will see participation of top 200 foreign universities and over 1,000 Indian universities, and will explore opportunities for academic collaborations among foreign universities and Indian institutions.
A one-of-its-kind educational event in India, Indo-Global Educational Summit 2011 will focus on Research Collaborations between Indian institutions and foreign universities.
For the first time in India’s history, over 30 top American, British, Canadian, Swedish and other Foreign Universities will be visiting India for research collaborations with Indian institutions and organizations. They will be participating in the Indo-Global Education Summit on academic collaborations. Foundation is well established in the USA and India for over 15 years, having extensive contacts with several accredited international Universities. An important mission of the Foundation is to galvanize high-impact collaborations with reputable Foreign Universities.
The Summit 2011 will be attended by University Provosts, Deans, and other officers of Foreign Universities. Several hundred Indian Institutions and Organizations interested in collaborations are expected to participate in the Summit.  It is recognized by all that collaborative research programs, graduate and post-graduate programs, twinning / transfer programs, certificate programs, distance education programs, faculty & student exchange programs, study abroad in India programs, and other academic partnerships between Indian Institutions and American Universities are extremely useful in meeting the rapidly growing educational needs in India. The motto of the Foundation is: “Educational Excellence without Borders”.
Some of the World’s leading universities that will be participating in the Summit are Aston University, UK, Bangor University, UK, Carleton University, Canada, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, Keck School of Medicine, USA, Keele University, UK, New Mexico State University, USA, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Moldova, Tilburg University, Netherlands, University of Hawaii, USA, University of Utah, USA, University of Virginia, USA, University of Wyoming, USA, and West Texas A&M University, USA
Their areas for research collaboration cover a wide range including Science, Engineering, Medicine, Biotechnology, Environment, Management, and the Arts. A few of the specific fields for collaboration are: Energy, Sensors, Genomics, Nanotechnology, Supply Chains, Robotics, Biomedical Technology, Aerospace, Information Security, Telecommunications, Tissue Engineering, Environment, Urban Planning, AIDS, Terrorism, Psychology, Journalism, Music and Dance, International Law, etc. (Complete list of fields is available at http://www.indus.org/)
S.B.Anumolu, President, Indus Foundation said that global networks have contributed significantly to the success of Silicon Valley, USA. It has been possible for the USA to benefit directly from the information technology boom in India by being connected. He said that the success of India will have to be not only from cheap labor but also from attracting global R&D activities. Recent trends indicate that USA and other countries are keen to establish connections with the new powerhouse economy of India — not only in downstream industries but also in upstream science.

He further added,“Several billion dollars in annual research funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, corporate partners, and other Governmental and Private Foundations, American and other foreign universities are major research centers in the world.  Foreign universities are interested in working with Indian institutions and organizations to capitalize on opportunities to expand research and scholarship across all intellectual fields. This includes developing new research programs, making strategic investments to seed new research initiatives and assisting in obtaining funding from sponsors. “Research collaboration between Indian institutions and Foreign Universities will be a ‘win, win’ for all’.


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