All Indo-Bangla issues can be resolved: Nahid

23 Oct

Dhaka, Oct 22—Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid has said there are a lot of issues between Bangladesh and neighbouring India, but none that cannot be solved.

“Even brothers living under the same roof and taking the same food has problems. But those are solved,” he said while addressing a conference on the 1971 Liberation War and the relation between the neighbouring countries at Dhaka University’s Senate Hall.

Similarly, the problems between the two countries will be thrashed out, he added.

Foreign secretary Mohamed Mijarul Quayes claimed that the various issues between Bangladesh and neighbouring India are entangled like a spider’s web.

“The incumbent government is tearing down the web and working on specific issues,” Quayes said.

He slated the hype over the Teesta water-sharing deal not coming through during the Indian prime minister’s recent visit to Bangladesh. “Many other things have happened. We are not talking about them. We are only discussing and criticising (the failure to seal) the Teesta deal.”

The visit had ‘three-dimensions’, the secretary claimed and elaborated, “We discussed various problems from the past, along with finding solutions to current issues and talked about the future.”

He also expressed hope that the Teesta deal will come through in the future.

“The two countries have a long history of exchanges. Both the countries would benefit if we can take it further ahead.”

State minister for liberation war affairs A B Tajul Islam said, “The relation between the countries is not only based on the people, it is also natural, geographical and cultural.”

West Bengal parliament’s former speaker Hashim Abdul Halim said, “We need changes in educational, societal, economic and cultural arenas of both the countries to give the inter-country relations a stronger base.”


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