In dealing with professionals, hierarchy has no role: Ramadorai

29 Oct

Rich tributes were paid by a cross section of industry leaders to S. Ramadorai, Vice-Chairman, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), at the Bangalore launch of his recently published book, The TCS Story…and Beyond.

Vinita Bali, Managing Director, Britannia Industries Ltd., who released the book, said: “It reflects Mr. Ramadorai’s steely resolve and his magnanimity in sharing the accomplishments of the company with others. The book makes the complex look simple.” Mr. Ramadorai’s narration of the rise of TCS from humble origins in the late 1960s to the largest Information Technology-enabled Services (ITeS) in India, she said, “is told with a rare passion”.

The narrative of the company’s rise reflects “the audacity of vision and a commitment to excellence”. “It also shows the risk-taking ability of not only TCS but of the Tata Group,” she observed.

“This book is autobiographical because my own life and that of TCS have been inextricably linked,” said Mr. Ramadorai. “This is neither a manager’s handbook nor a technologist’s Bible,” he remarked. Recalling the early stages of the company, he said TCS “would have folded up” if it had not received support from the Tata Group.

Asked how he managed to balance the demanding requirements of professional excellence from his colleagues with the need for decorum during his 39-year tenure at TCS, Mr. Ramadorai said: “In dealing with professionals, hierarchy has no role. We need to understand that we learn even from our children.”

Vocational education

The challenge of scaling up vocational education is serious as the country requires 500 million skilled workers by 2020. “Education, health and sustainability are the three most important challenges for the country,” Mr. Ramadorai added.

The event was organised by Penguin Books, the publishers, Vivanta by Taj and the Confederation of Indian Industry.


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