Harmony through soccer

4 Nov

The Twin Cities enjoyed the privilege of having Harald and Frank Braner conduct a soccer camp, organised by Quartz Soccer Club (QSC) at the Gymkhana Grounds, Secunderabad, aimed at children and QSC’s senior team.

For the father-son duo, it was their third visit in four years. The pair had held similar clinics in Kerala and Orissa in the past, having trained about 150 coaches along the way.

A former German player and holder of a UEFA (Union of European Football Association) Pro Licence, Harald is head coach of Quartz Soccer Club, approved by the All India Football Federation (AIFF), with the professionally managed side hoping to make an entry into the I-League’s Second division this year. Braner Senior is a veteran of 88 matches in the hugely competitive Bundesliga, the German Premier League, turning out for FC Kaiserslautern from 1963 to 67.Holder of a B Licence from UEFA, Frank Braner has been coaching children in football for a decade. With a doctorate in counselling and as a trainer in Non-violent Communication (NVC), Braner Junior strives for harmony and well-being among players of the sport.

Their camp, supported by former international Aleem Khan, stressed on fitness, skills and tactics of the game. Coaches were tutored to motivate children in taking up football. In 2009, Harald and Frank formed ‘Development Through Football (DTF),’ an initiative to groom new and unknown talent in India.

The scheme uses football as a tool of education to engage disadvantage youth, empowering them to positively develop their character and personality, equipping them to face life. It’s holistic approach involves coaches, peer groups, families and important members of the community.


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