Bangalore: Students look to foreign shores for opportunities

9 Nov

BANGALORE: “India is facing a tsunami of young students pursuing higher studies. If we fail to achieve the target of educating them, our country will face a disaster,” said Dr N Prabhu Dev, vice-chancellor of Bangalore University, on Tuesday. He was speaking on the role of foreign universities in India at the Indo-Global Education Summit 2011. 200 universities from various countries are participating in the summit.

“We need to educate 100 million youths by 2020. India requires 1,000 new universities to meet the challenges. For this, we need the support of foreign varsities,” he said.

Pointing out that the world has become one big village because of globalization, Prof H Maheshappa, vice-chancellor , Visveswarya Technological University, said: “We should encourage activities like student-exchange programmes and dual research work so that students benefit.”

“We are here to look at the opportunities to pursue higher education abroad. The summit will give us an idea about the courses offered, fee structure, etc,” said Mowpritha Dey and Monali Deori, students of Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain University.


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