How to choose Top Engineering College in Orissa ?

This is one of the most important decision which students / parents need to take before they choose any college, here are the few points which you should always try to check out before joining any college –

1. Affiliation & Accreditation:

This comes first and foremost. Is the college affiliated with a university which is recognized by industries not only in India  but worldwide. Will colleges abroad recognize the degree when you apply for post-graduation? Be careful with this. Accreditation is the process by which the college conforms to certain standards recognized by institutions and industries. It is a seal of quality.

b. Reputation:

This might sound shallow, but it’s more complex than you think. Look into how long the college has been around and find students who have studied there through Linkedin or other communities. Rankings are usually subjective but getting a hold of a few sources wouldn’t hurt.

2. Infrastructure:

Proper education would only come with the right resources. Have a look at the labs, teacher to student ratio, additional facilities, strong management support. Check to see if labs are shared and that they have the latest equipment.

3. Faculty:

This is huge. Sadly a lot of private colleges will employ your seniors to finish graduating and come back to teach you! What’s the use if there aren’t any experienced hands to give you deeper insight into concepts?

4. Job-skills Training and Practice sessions:

Some colleges have finally started listening to industrialists’ concerns that 80% of India’s graduates don’t possess the skills to be employed. As a result they have started bringing in experts to impart practical training and give them the skills that can actually be used directly at the job given. Internships also fall under this category. PLEASE CHECK FOR THIS. You don’t want to feel like you don’t know anything outside your textbook after 4 years!

5. Location:

A lot of private colleges are set up outside cities or smaller towns because of lesser land prices. As a result many rural students also get admitted into these colleges. While there is nothing wrong about it, choosing a college in the city has its obvious advantages. Access to companies, public exhibitions and any available resource means you have a better perspective.

6. Placements:

Given the recession period, companies are recruiting students very carefully so most colleges are struggling to find partners. But there are still colleges with good links who find jobs for most of their students. Be sure to check for placement record.

7. Personal experience:

With the internet you can find present and former students and get a good idea of the college you want to go to. Keep in mind that even in the same college, one department might be way more efficient and advanced than another one.


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